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Mission Trip 2017 - May 28 - June 2

We will be going to:

Hotelwww.hotelmarina.com.mx If your team is working in La Paz or Los Planes this will be your hotel for the week.

Puerto San Carlos, which is on the west coast of the Baja - http://www.bajaquest.com/sidetrips/sidetrip04.htm

La Paz – which is the capital of Baja, Mexico - http://vivalapaz.com/

Los Planes – which is about 45 minutes southeast of La Paz

Santiago – This is a new city for us. We know the director of the orphanage and he asked us to bring an eye clinic and VBS to this town on our next trip. http://loscabosguide.com/santiago/index.html

We have worked with First Baptist Church of La Paz for the past two years. Here is their website (of course it's in Spanish). http://www.piblapaz.org/

Here is their Facebook page, I had put several pictures on their page from our last trip. http://www.facebook.com/PIB.lapaz

These are the YouTube videos I have posted from our last few trips. My YouTube Channel

Things you can do on this trip.

Set Up for Eye Clinics & VBS, assist in eye exams, distribute glasses, give out flyers, hold babies during the Eye Clinic, pop popcorn, make snow cones, give out candy, run a game during VBS, give out tracts, pray, mix concrete, lay blocks, shop for food, be a witness be available to serve. My children have done all the above activities!


Mission Trip 2015 - Results

Baja Mexico

Our team of 10 people saw the Lord do some amazing things during our trip.
Here are a few of the results we are aware of:

  • 114 Salvation's
  • 75 Spanish Bibles given out
  • 365 People got eye glasses and sunglasses
  • 75 Children & Adults attended VBS

We also bought more supplies for VBS, left another 75 Spanish Bibles, left 500 pair of reading glasses and bought $800 worth of building materials for the 2 church plants.

Mission Trip 2014 - Report

La Paz, Baja Mexico

Between the two mission teams over a 3 day period, we saw 437 people at our eye clinic, gave out 400 pair of glasses & sunglasses, 110 children & 40 adults attended VBS, we visited 2 orphanages, left 250 Spanish Bibles with FBC La Paz & had 20 adult salvation's. 



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