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Mission Trip 2017 - May 28 - June 2

We will be going to: If your team is working in La Paz or Los Planes this will be your hotel for the week.

Puerto San Carlos, which is on the west coast of the Baja -

La Paz – which is the capital of Baja, Mexico -

Los Planes – which is about 45 minutes southeast of La Paz

Santiago – This is a new city for us. We know the director of the orphanage and he asked us to bring an eye clinic and VBS to this town on our next trip.

We have worked with First Baptist Church of La Paz for the past two years. Here is their website (of course it's in Spanish).

Here is their Facebook page, I had put several pictures on their page from our last trip.

These are the YouTube videos I have posted from our last few trips. My YouTube Channel

Things you can do on this trip.

Set Up for Eye Clinics & VBS, assist in eye exams, distribute glasses, give out flyers, hold babies during the Eye Clinic, pop popcorn, make snow cones, give out candy, run a game during VBS, give out tracts, pray, mix concrete, lay blocks, shop for food, be a witness be available to serve. My children have done all the above activities!


Mission Trip 2015 - Results

Baja Mexico

Our team of 10 people saw the Lord do some amazing things during our trip.
Here are a few of the results we are aware of:

  • 114 Salvation's
  • 75 Spanish Bibles given out
  • 365 People got eye glasses and sunglasses
  • 75 Children & Adults attended VBS

We also bought more supplies for VBS, left another 75 Spanish Bibles, left 500 pair of reading glasses and bought $800 worth of building materials for the 2 church plants.

Mission Trip 2014 - Report

La Paz, Baja Mexico

Between the two mission teams over a 3 day period, we saw 437 people at our eye clinic, gave out 400 pair of glasses & sunglasses, 110 children & 40 adults attended VBS, we visited 2 orphanages, left 250 Spanish Bibles with FBC La Paz & had 20 adult salvation's. 



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