Friday, May 20, 2022

Local Missions


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7 Bridges to Recovery

7-bridges-logoThis ministry works with the homeless of Atlanta and abandoned women and children. Each Saturday they take food and blankets to people that are living on the streets of Atlanta. They also share the gospel at each stop along with music and prayer. At the Garden they house around 100 women and children. We take supplies, meals, teams of people to minister both spiritually and physically to the people at the Garden.




Apartment Life

I take a team of people inside the I-285 perimeter to work with a Apartment Life Cares Team (, as they desire to minister to people in apartments.  This ministry uses social events, (Pancake Breakfast, Dinner Club, Book Club, Pool Parties, etc) to build witnessing relationships with the apartment tenants. It is such an easy ministry but very effective to reach people for Christ. There are currently 33 ALCT in Atlanta; they have teams in all types of apartment complexes from lower to upper class areas of town.  Much of this ministry involves activity around food, setting up, cooking, serving and of course cleaning up.  As the volunteers manage the food component of the event or Apartment Life Cares Team have the freedom to focus on the people coming to the event.  They initially engage them to build a relationship with them. They also host a Bible study in their apartment each week. At the last event I volunteered at, we saw 10% of the apartment complex attend the event.


Prison Ministry

Glenn has a passion for Prison ministry. Each year he does several speaking engagement with Prison Fellowship and Forgiven Ministry . He also speaks at other prison facilities while he travels across the country. While at home he also conducts several programs at the local prison in Georgia.


Police Chaplain

Glenn has been a Cobb County Police Chaplain since 2006. He works with officers who work at Precinct 5, VIPER Unit, Narcotics Dept and Intel Division. This consists of over 100 officers. He goes on ride-a-longs with the officers, goes to the shooting range, drug busts, etc, along with taking lots of food for the officers. Each week Glenn teaches a men's Bible study that many officers attend.