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Glenn Chappelear is a dynamic speaker who has had a positive impact on our students, families and staff. He is committed to excellence in all that he does and delivers a message of Truth that is inspiring, memorable and life changing.

David D. Mann
Strong Rock Christian School


I have been blessed every time i've heard Glenn speak, i had him do a monday morning devotional for my company and all my employees ask that he come back and share again. God used him in a great way to speak to all our hearts.

Bobby Smith
Gable Sporting Goods


I had the good fortune to hear Glenn speak in the past, so when he was at our facility having his boat wrapped, I asked him if he would spend 10 minutes talking to our employees during the morning break. I am still amazed at the content Glenn delivered in 10 minutes! I could see the wheels turning in several of our employees and some of them lingered around afterwards wanting more. I thought to myself what a great opportunity for our employees to be able to hear Glenn's personal testimonial about his faith in Christ.

Kip Johnson
Motor Sports Designs


Glenn has spoken to the employees of Caldwell Insulation, Inc. on a couple of different occasions. His experiences in the area of professional angling, as well as his deep seated faith in our Lord Jesus Christ makes him a powerful speaker to challenge and grow your staff. Glenn's love of all things outdoors helps him to really reach in and grab the attention of the audience, and just when he has them, he "sets the hook" by calling you to stretch your faith, he challenges your current walk, and then convicts you to be the man / woman God has called you to be.

I would highly recommend Glenn as a corporate motivational speaker. He has met our needs and motivated our staff to put God at the helm of this company. When God is your boss, there is never a day that goes by that you don't want to please and honor him thru your occupation.

Matthew R. Caldwell
Caldwell Insulation, Inc.