Friday, May 20, 2022

National Missions


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Meet the Pro's Night

At each FLW Major event, we organize a event entitled, "Meet the Pro's". I partner with a local church to host the event. Several other pro fishermen come and share about fishing techniques and their faith. 


This is agreat partnership with local churches that help them reach people in their community for Christ.



Our tournament Bible study is entitled FOCAS which stands for, "Fellowship of Christian Anglers Society". At each tournament I organize a Bible study for the anglers, their families and the tournament staff. We usually average around 75 people at each tournament for Bible study. We call it our church on the road because a tournament season can take you away from home for as many as 150 days per year.


Wild Game Banquets and Fishing Seminars

Each year Glenn speaks at over 20 wild game banquets. These banquets are a great way to reach people. Glenn does a fishing or hunting seminar at most banquets. This is a great way to learn some of the latest techniques and see some of the products that the pro's use.


Prison Ministry

Glenn has a passion for Prison ministry. Each year he does several speaking engagement with Prison Fellowship and Forgiven Ministry . He also speaks at other prison facilities while he travels across the country. While at home he also conducts several programs at the local prison in Georgia.