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In 2015 I partnered with Jeep Sullivan ( Wounded Warrior Weekend to participate in two events. It was a real blessing to donate my time to help these Warrior's enjoy God's creation.I am planning on helping Jeep organize two events in GA during the fall of 2015 and a turkey hunt in 2016.Here are a few photo's of our last two trips.

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Sportsmen's Outreach has organized 3 Law Enforcement Marriage Enrichment events in the past few years. The event is designed to help couples strengthen their marriages. We begin the Marriage event with a dinner, have a main speaker and then each couple can choose a Breakout Session topic. Some of our breakout topics are; Keeping Your Kids on Your Team, Making Cents Out of My Money, Saving with a Purpose, Blended Families, Insurance, How much do I need, His Needs & Her Needs, etc.

Here are some links to read more about these events:

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Glenn Chappelear is a dynamic speaker who has had a positive impact on our students, families and staff. He is committed to excellence in all that he does and delivers a message of Truth that is inspiring, memorable and life changing.

David D. Mann
Strong Rock Christian School


I have been blessed every time i've heard Glenn speak, i had him do a monday morning devotional for my company and all my employees ask that he come back and share again. God used him in a great way to speak to all our hearts.

Bobby Smith
Gable Sporting Goods


I had the good fortune to hear Glenn speak in the past, so when he was at our facility having his boat wrapped, I asked him if he would spend 10 minutes talking to our employees during the morning break. I am still amazed at the content Glenn delivered in 10 minutes! I could see the wheels turning in several of our employees and some of them lingered around afterwards wanting more. I thought to myself what a great opportunity for our employees to be able to hear Glenn's personal testimonial about his faith in Christ.

Kip Johnson
Motor Sports Designs


Glenn has spoken to the employees of Caldwell Insulation, Inc. on a couple of different occasions. His experiences in the area of professional angling, as well as his deep seated faith in our Lord Jesus Christ makes him a powerful speaker to challenge and grow your staff. Glenn's love of all things outdoors helps him to really reach in and grab the attention of the audience, and just when he has them, he "sets the hook" by calling you to stretch your faith, he challenges your current walk, and then convicts you to be the man / woman God has called you to be.

I would highly recommend Glenn as a corporate motivational speaker. He has met our needs and motivated our staff to put God at the helm of this company. When God is your boss, there is never a day that goes by that you don't want to please and honor him thru your occupation.

Matthew R. Caldwell
Caldwell Insulation, Inc.

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After 18 years of marriage, 3 highly active kids, a demanding traveling schedule, ministry responsibilities, house work, how do we stay connected?

In a Staying Connected Weekend the Chappelears will discuss how they keep it all together using principles from God's word.

  • You will discover how, I Getting in the Way can really cause some problems
  • You will discover how, We Getting in the Way can lead to misunderstandings
  • You will discover how, Life getting in the Way can cause a total shutdown

They will discuss how

  • They make time for each other
  • They make time for each child
  • They make time for ministry together

This event will help make Christ the center of your marriage, give you tools for communication, help you identify when things are getting out of control and put fun back in the family. You too can have an incredible marriage.


For Booking Information:

Stormy Mitchell • 1-877-771-6644 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Chappelear Family is full speed, balancing a professional fishing career, ministry schedule, keeping the family fed, maintaining housework, getting kids to sporting events, lots of school work and not to mention we have 2 teenagers in the family.

Glenn is a graduate of Clemson University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He served as a youth minister for 9 years before beginning Sportsmen's Outreach, which is a ministry designed to help churches reach outdoorsmen. He is currently a volunteer missionary with the North American Mission Board.

GLENN CHAPPELEAR is a professional fisherman on the FLW Tour. Fishing keeps him on the road 150 days per year at tournaments, boat shows & fishing seminars. Glenn also does many speaking engagements through their ministry Sportsmen's Outreach, such as; Sportsmen's Banquets, Prison Ministry, Mission trips and NASCAR events. During Glenn's time at home he teaches a Men's Bible study group, Sunday School Class and volunteers 25 hours per month as a Cobb County Police Chaplain.

DONNA CHAPPELEAR is a professional mom of 3 children. She graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Degree in Music. She taught public school music for 11 years. When the family began having children, she and Glenn decided that Donna would stay at home to help raise the children. That led to home schooling their children for 7 years. Now all the kids are in public school and Donna spends her time running the kids around, keeping the house straight, food in the fridge, substitute teaching at the local school and tries to get a few workouts in at the gym.

THE KIDS I hope I don't have to explain the pace of having children in 7th, 8th and 9th grade.


How do the Chappelear' find time to do ministry together? We make it a priority. It is never a choice if we are going to church on Sunday, we are going. Donna and Glenn teach a couple's Sunday School class each week at church. Donna also helps in the children's worship program at our church. They are also involved with Calvary Children's Home, where they sponsor two of the students and support other activities there too. Another passion for the Chappelear' is working with abandoned women and children in the Atlanta area. They routinely volunteer with 7 Bridges to Recovery to do street ministry downtown, along with helping at the local ministry headquarters. Did I mention we try to take an international mission trip each year to Mexico?



"It has been my joy to know and work with Glenn Chappelear for the past several years. He is passionate about his commitment to Christ. Glenn is an effective communicator of the gospel, everywhere we have worked together the crowd has been engaged and responsive. His love for and his relationship with his wife and family serve to strengthen his ministry and his message."

Steve Wingfield

"I have been blessed to work with Glenn Chappelear in two areas of ministry, first as platform artists with Prison Fellowship OSL for several years and then Forgiven Ministry partnered with Glenn Chappelear's Sportsmen Outreach Ministry to serve men and women who are incarcerated with the gospel of Christ. I have witnessed a man of integrity, a husband and father who is truly an example of what God ordained in a marriage and home. It is a privilege to work with a man of excellence and a family role model for husbands across our land."

Scottie Barnes
Forgiven Ministry, Founder

"Glenn and Donna are wonderful example of a spiritually thriving marriage and family. I recommend this Godly couple to be used to strengthen the marriages of your church."

Dr. Michael Lewis
Plant City's First Baptist Church


For Booking Information:

Stormy Mitchell


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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banquet1) Lead a mission trip May 24 – 31, to 3 cities in Baja Sur Mexico, Los Planes, Puerto San Carlos and La Paz. Work with FBC La Paz, Mexico and GBC missionary Juvenal Gonzalez to organize an eye care clinic, city wide VBS and construction needs at the local orphanage.

2) Participate in 7 FLW Tour Professional Bass Tournaments.

3) Participate in 2 boat shows, (Birmingham & Dothan, AL) speaking and giving out gospel tracts.

4) Organize 5 Meet the Pro's Night Community Outreach Events, with an estimated crowd of 3,500 people to attend.

5) Lead 6 FOCAS (Fellowship of Christian Angler's Society) Bible Studies during our fishing tournaments. We have averaged 75 anglers out of 300 who attend our Bible studies. At each FOCAS meeting we give out One Year Bible's, Sermon CD's and Meet the Pro's DVD's to the anglers.

6) Speak at 15 Sportsmen's Outreach Banquets.

7) Sportsmen's Outreach Sportsmen's Day fishing and shooting sports.

8) Continue prison ministry events throughout the year.

9) Continue ministering to Cobb County Police officers through the Chaplain's program

10) Continue working with GBC church plants in North America.

11) Continue to look for where God is working and join him



How to be involved in Sportsmen's Outreach

How can you help us reach these goals? We have a couple ways to involved in Sportsmen's Outreach.

1. Email Prayer Team

Before each event I email the location for the engagement along with specific prayer requests for the event. I know when I arrive at the event that I have prayer support. Please send us your email address at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to be added to the email prayer team.

2. Financial Support Team

We are Mission Service Corps Volunteer with the North American Mission Board. That means that we raise 100% of our financial support. Sportsmen's Outreach is a 501-C3 non-profit organization. All contributions are tax-deductible.

3. Attend a banquet or prison event with Sportsmen's Outreach.

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